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Basic Remote DBA - $600/month
DW Matrix Basic DBA service delivers 12x7 support (12 hours/day and 7 days a week) and services include:
Database availability monitoring: database up/down and relevant services.
DB server hardware monitoring: disk space, CPU and Memory utilization and server performance.
Preventive database monitoring: logs, space allocation and space management of database structure.
Database performance monitoring: cache hits and other performance parameters.
Fault Management and monitoring: user locks, runway processes, etc.
Fixing critical database problems emerging in the course of normal and abnormal operations.
Back-up process strategy: Planning, Implementation, Regular monitoring and maintenance.
Database software upgrades, fixes, and patches and reinstallation.
Database performance tuning and performance optimization work of existing application and SQL.
DBA Support of development community with Oracle/SQL Server expertise.
Custom application/scripts monitoring
$600/per month per each database instance for minimum of 12 months service level agreement. Volume discounts are available.
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